Movie review: Watchmen

Finally, I was able to watch Watchmen.

Where do I even start to begin praising this movie? I have a lot to say about this movie, to the point that it exceeded my own expectations.

The dialogues:
The dialogues between characters, the monologue of Rorschach, are very well written, well delivered. Some were in dark humor, others in quips and comebacks, and others in dramatic speeches that could’ve been delivered by world leaders and other pathetic attention seeking bastards.

The storyline:
Here’s the best part of the entire movie. The storyline was divided into two parts, the first being the memories of other superheroes, their origins and the second part focusing on Rorschach investigating the murder of The Comedian. It’s all somewhat a basic scriptwriting technique, but the real complicated part of the entire storyline (which you have to be pretty smart to uncover it) is that the memories are connected with the conspiracy of the murder. Few writers can weave a storyline of so many characters involved to that extent and that alone shows that the writers of Watchmen are very good at what they do.

The characters:
The characters and superheroes of the Watchmen show the lives of the superheroes in their darkest form, that amidst the latex costume and makeup, they’re still human, with the same dark desires that exist in all of us. Rorschach is the antagonistic protagonist of the bunch, with no moral boundaries for criminals and villains as long as it gets the job done. Their individual storyline was well written and weaved intricately into the entire storyline, giving each breath of their character the importance and significance of their actions.

Best movie I’ve seen this year so far. If you’re a sucker for fine and well written lines with the matching gore and action, then you definitely have to watch the Watchmen.