Killing Floor PC Review


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I just played Killing Floor PC for the first time with my girlfriend a couple of hours ago and MAN WAS IT A BLAST!

Talk about giving new definition to the phrase SURVIVAL HORROR! The game's concept is fairly simple: Survive wave after wave of zombies (similar to Left4Dead but not on a stage basis). Each level would give you about 10 waves (LEMME HEAR YOU SAY IT! REPLAYABILITY!) Each wave would require you to kill a number of zombies (depending on how many players are playing it) and once you achieve the goal, you're then redirected to a Trader to resupply ammo, buy weapons, change classes and so on. Be warned though that there is a time limit for purchasing before the next wave pushes through. That's the basic gameplay. Each wave would release the different species of zombies, from the basic peons to the peons with big assed machete's to the fat ass acid spewing bitches to sirens to crawlers and the list goes on and on. Thankfully you have grenades up your sleeves. And No, you can't push away zombies when you're mobbed like in L4D... So better exercise those reflexes 'cos this aint L4D!

Each player can choose between different classes, each with different benefits: Sharpshooter, Commando, Berserker, Field Medic, Support Specialist, Firebug.

It's a very addictive game with a high replay value and the gameplay is just perfect in my opinion. I love the challenge and I love the horde of scary assed mofo's coming right at me. I have finished 5 waves of one level all by myself and that was just BEGINNER'S LUCK!

Survival Horror at its best!


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