Heath Ledger's Praises as the Joker

One of the most villainous characters of the movie industry, The Joker.

Just recently, director Christopher Nolan released The Dark Knight, sequel to the box office hit, Batman Begins. With the success of the first movie, it was no surprise to me that the sequel would come less than its predecessor, and of course, satisfied the expectations of fans and critics.

Portrayed by the late actor Heath Ledger, who supposedly died of drug or medication overdose, this was his best (and sadly his last) performance to date.

I'm not really a big fan of his movies, but I was curious about his performance in his last movie. The more I read praises from critics and fans, the more I really wanted to see for myself how he portrayed the Joker. Sadly enough, I wasn't able to watch it at the big screen *cough* financial trouble *cough*.
But late last Tuesday night whilst rummaging thru the pirated DVD's, I found a decent copy of the Dark Knight. After checking its quality, I decided to buy it. I just found the time to watch the movie I bought last Tuesday night when I woke up at 8am this morning. The whole time I was watching the movie, my attention was more focused on the villain rather than the hero. His performance was just great, giving justice to the praises and performance of his previous predecessors who also portrayed the Joker in previous Batman films. I give him full praises and appreciation for a wonderful (and twisted) performance of one of the movie and comic industries' most sadistic and heinous villain of all time.

Heath Ledger, May your soul rest in peace.


I haven't see 'Dark Knight' bc I don't really like Batman movies but I can say that Heath Ledger was a magnificent talent that will be missed.