X-Men Origins: Wolverine - One big disappointment

I just got off to a fancy evening by watching X-Men Origins: Wolverine with my beautiful fiancé, after a romantic dinner (KFC instead of Yellow Cab)…

True enough and admittedly, I was excited at first to watch X-Men Origins and at the same time, skeptic to how GENUINE the film is and how it will give justice to the actual comic series which was also named Wolverine and Weapon X, both offering different variations and artwork behind Wolverine’s origin and the Weapon X project.

The film actually DOES NOT give justice to the actual story in the comics. I swear to God I will definitely hurt people when they say that they didn’t follow the comics for CINEMATIC PURPOSES.

At some points, some parts in the film actually stuck to Logan’s comic origin and skills like bone claws (at first I thought he didn’t have these), rapid regeneration and healing and heightened senses; and that much I give due credit to the writers for actually sticking to the comic storyline even to that tiny little detail.

Story-wise, if you’re a Marvel fan, then watching this movie will leave you disappointed and frustrated at the failed attempt of merging comics with the big screen. I admit, I did like the smooth 3D animated graphics, and special effects and explosions and all the yelling, who wouldn’t?

There was actually no character development in the movie, it kept on jumping from one event to another without showing the slightest hint of how these events are related except for pathetic millisecond flashbacks. I know, it’s pathetic, considering the theme of the movie revolved around the word ORIGIN and by definition “The point at which something comes into existence or from which it derives or is derived.” Somehow, I never really saw that in the movie.

I am clearly venting out my frustration with how big time movie producers take time to actually think about recreating one comic book series into a big movie and then flushing it down the toilet along with their morning breakfast by incorporating their own version of the story for the purpose of CINEMATOGRAPHY which is entirely one huge pile of crap.

It would’ve been better if they really did to the same set of characters, storyline and events which transpired and contributed during Wolverine’s actual origin. gave it X-Men Origins: Wolverine a rating of 44%


I wonder if Hugh (Huge) Jackman will be able to be anything but Wolverine now that so much of his career has been consumed by this role


Nah, I doubt that. In the minds of his fans, he is Wolverine and Logan.

Pretty soon, people will come up to him on the streets and say HEY LOOK ITS LOGAN!