Alien Swarm Review

So playing in Practice mode doesn't fully entail a full review for this game. But what the hell....

Alien Swarm is a shooter game similar to Killing Floor, where you get to choose from different classes of soldiers available and defend yourselves against aliens.

What makes this shooter so unique is its camera view - unlike your typical FP or First Person view, this one's in overhead third person. If you can recall how some NES games were when it came to the overhead third person view, it's similar to Alien Swarm's camera view.

Check this video out: IGN: Retroburn in Steam - check his blog at


They got raped in that video but it can give you an idea of what to expect when playing Alien Swarm.

This game is free from Steam and it's a whopping 2gb download - I finished mine in like 3 hours last night.

If you guys don't have a Steam account, you can easily sign up for one when you download their launcher thingy. 

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Happy gaming, y'all!
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