Free Eyewear from Firmoo

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I have had the wonderful chance to avail of free eyewear from Firmoo .

Unboxing the package from Firmoo. Blue casing + Yellow cloth + Black bag

Bendable wire frame - lightweight and comfortable
Testing out the glasses. It's like they're invisible. Yes, I was topless too~

I must say that the glasses are nothing like I've ever seen, or wore at the same time. The frame is light, and it feels like you are not wearing them at all. The lens can also be replaced with prescription ones, so you can use the frame for your next trip to the Optometrist.

On my end I suffer from Astigmatism, so I find myself wearing glasses from time to time. I already have a pair of glasses from Quiksilver, but the frame slips on my nose bridge when I'm sweaty. All in all, I love the new glasses from Firmoo Global Optical Online Store.