I like: Tropic Thunder

I just saw this movie a couple of nights ago and I must say I was laughing my ass off while watching this movie. With a powerhouse cast to boot, Tropic Thunder is sure to make you laugh at the idiotics of Ben Stiller and Jack Black.

The movie also has a well done script. Ben Stiller's adlib per se script deliverance is really something that I enjoy. He's a natural actor and he really does deserve this part. Jack Black does a good job of delivering laughter to the audience. Robert Downey Jr.'s attempt at comedy never failed. Along with some major stars like Matthew McConaughey and Tom Cruise (yes, he's here in the film and you have to look for him because he's wearing a disguise.)

Overall, this movie made me laugh and I'd love to watch it again. I give it a rating of: 8 of 10


I like: Max Payne

Another video game turned movie franchise.

I won't be divulging the plot of the film though. I never really enjoyed playing the video game version but I did manage to read some players' reviews and I guess it turned out well for a shooting game.

Though I'm always a skeptic when it comes to movie franchises like this, some of the best games made for video games never turned out so well in the big screen. I guess I can say the same thing for comic book turned movie franchise as well.

Anyways, back to the review.

I like the action scenes though I was fairly disappointed at the low amount of gunfights and so on. The conversation thru out the entire movie was 50 percent interesting and 50 percent boring. I guess you could say evil person conspiring against good person never really amounts to interesting conversation. The CGI's for the movie was kick-ass (I love the valkyries. oops).

All in all, I guess I could rate this movie: 7 of 10


Lindsay Lohan Sex Scene

Title says it all. Though I never am a fan of her acting ever since she started crashing...