How I Met Your Mother

Ever heard of the catch phrase “Love story in reverse?”

Well, if you had the chance to watch How I Met Your Mother, you’d recognize this simple catch phrase.

How I Met Your Mother tells the story of Ted Mosby (Josh Radnor) as he narrates to his kids in the year 2030 the story of how he met their mom. With his friends, engaged couple Lily (Allison Hannigan) and Marshall (Jason Segel), hot newscaster Robin Scherbatzky (Colbie Smulders) and Ted’s best friend [according to him] Barney Stinson (Neil Patrick Harris), Ted goes on in the search for the perfect girlfriend he wants to marry. Each episode is funny in its own right and I have to commend the scriptwriters’ creativity for coming up with such hilarious and downright funny quips and comebacks. Aside from the humor, you can’t help but be inspired and look at how they go about their daily lives and be able to see yourself in one of the characters in the show. As for me, I’ve been able to relate with either Ted (for being the hopeless romantic) or Barney (for the downright humor).

With currently 4 seasons, HIMYM is by far one of the best sitcoms I’ve had the privilege of laughing my ass off. And like any other TV series, it will leave you wondering who Ted is really going to marry in the end. Each season shows a little clue about who his wife is like the yellow umbrella, blond hair and a wedding scene.

I would really love to recommend this show to you, my faithful readers and I hope you would enjoy it as I did.