Silent Plot 01 - New MMORPG

Out comes a new MMORPG with a survival horror theme from Silverpotion entitled Silent Plot 1: The other side of silence.
Still in its closed beta-testing, this Korean made (is there any other kind) MMORPG is the first of its genre with a survival horror theme. Based from the video, it seems that the setting is a neon/flashy Las Vegas per se town and city with a lot of mutants, undead (?) and weird demon creatures. The gameplay is very smooth, the skills looks nicely rendered and the blood spatter when doing PVP is great, similar to Dekaron.

Aside from the cool environment, you got to take a look at those weapons. Jaw dropping big ass guns. Yeah. What up! It would’ve been nice if they mixed it with a woman with big breasts and carrying a huge machine gun that can fire Xk rounds a minute. That’s gotta be like the ultimate turn on for the geeks of all ages. Girls and guns, gotta love them.
Before I continue rambling on about my geeky fantasies, the game texture is similar to that of RYL (Risk your Life), Cabal Online and unfortunately, the environment that very much resembles to RAN online (a piece of shit pathetic squatter’s game with an even POORER community in terms of netiquette, behavior and attitude.)
I can’t wait to try this game out in the near months to come.

I would give you their site but unfortunately it’s in Korean, so unless you can read Korean, you can visit their site here:

Without further ado, here are screenshots taken from a source I’d rather not mention because he/she wanted to remain Anonymous.