Movie review: Underworld 3 - Rise of the Lycans

[Spoiler Alert!]

I am a fan of the Underworld series because of its deep storylines, character developments, intricate delving into a fictional history to support the fictional lifestyle for both Lycans and Vampires.

The first movie was better than the second flick, simply because the 2nd flick delved deeper into the conspiracy between Selene and her family’s civic duty to the Vampires, the Corvinus’ family history and the development of the monstrosity that is Michael Corvin.

The third film, like any other series, is the prequel of the Underworld series.
Titled “Underworld 3: Rise of the Lycans”, the movie itself gave justice to not only to the Lycan’s uprising from the slavery of the Vampires but also to the love story of Lucian and Sonja. If you can remember the first film and some hints in-between lines from Kraven and Viktor, then you might immediately recognize where the story is most likely to end: the death of Sonja.
At the end of the movie, Kate Beckinsale makes a camio by showing the first part of the first film wherein Selene hovers over the city, surveying for the inevitable meeting with the Lycans and Michael Corvin. As Selene watches, voices of Kraven is heard in the background, telling how Viktor managed to condemn his only daughter to death and how Selene reminds him of Sonja.

But enough with the synopsis and spoilers:

Underworld 3 is a mixture of both romance and hardcore bloody warfare and action. You might say that it makes for a perfect Bloody Valentine movie date, pardon the pun.
I love the deep and creepy feel of the environment, the dark medieval surroundings and the LOTR-ish [LOTR – Lord of the Rings] castle background. The characters were also unique in their own sense, from the dark cruel Viktor to the rabid and charismatic Lucian. Sonja, played by Rhona MItra, is the seductive battle-maiden of a Vampire Lord and she couldn’t have done a better job of portraying the basis of Selene’s character. For fans like me, you might have said “Hey, Sonja fights just like Selene” when in truth, it’s the other way around.

For the cinematic effects, I give it an 11/10 and that is not a biased rating. I love the transformations of the Lycans. The smooth yet painful transition from man to monster is made possible by the outstanding artists behind the film. For the most part, I admit I am disappointed at the few action scenes since it was all talk but every line uttered is worth it. Prequels are made to clear things up for movie series. Underworld 3 did an amazing job clearing up the air for the first and second film.
Underworld 3: Rise of the Lycans is definitely one to be watched in cinemas and to be added to your video collection.
Till then.