Ranting about Torrents.

Are you the lazy bum that doesn’t want to go and watch movies and theaters at the same time you despise piracy and all its forms?
Look no further. Lazy bums like you can use uTorrent to download the latest movies, series or whatever it is that fancies you. The downtime of using these torrents is that sometimes downloads is slow as you have to rely on the number of people sharing the file for download or seeders. Chances of landing a good file to download are like landing a good bet on some online casinos.

I’ve been using torrent sites for almost 2 years and so far I admit I end up being unlucky when it comes to downloading torrents, not to mention that my internet connection is crap as hell but if I get the chance to upgrade to a T1 line, then maybe I will start downloading movies via torrents all over again.


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