Mumbling about the new era of Gaming

Games today are evolving at a very fast rate, going up as technology goes up. The desire for the best games out there ranging from the best Real Time Strategy to the best online casino games has never been so high. With the recent advents of PC paraphernalia, hardware, video game consoles and electronics, game developers have taken gaming into a whole new level. While those of us who grew up in a 16-bit generation of games take pride in the next generation of games, we just can’t help but take a look back on its predecessors and say “wow, look at how far we’ve gone in gaming.”
F.E.A.R, Dawn of War, Halo, World of Warcraft, Command and Conquer. These are just some of the best games out there and as a certified gamer, I couldn’t have been more proud of trying out these games.

The great gods of gaming have blessed 2008 with some of the best games and I believe we are in for more treat this 2009.

Keep on gaming!