Mumbling about the new era of Gaming

Games today are evolving at a very fast rate, going up as technology goes up. The desire for the best games out there ranging from the best Real Time Strategy to the best online casino games has never been so high. With the recent advents of PC paraphernalia, hardware, video game consoles and electronics, game developers have taken gaming into a whole new level. While those of us who grew up in a 16-bit generation of games take pride in the next generation of games, we just can’t help but take a look back on its predecessors and say “wow, look at how far we’ve gone in gaming.”
F.E.A.R, Dawn of War, Halo, World of Warcraft, Command and Conquer. These are just some of the best games out there and as a certified gamer, I couldn’t have been more proud of trying out these games.

The great gods of gaming have blessed 2008 with some of the best games and I believe we are in for more treat this 2009.

Keep on gaming!


Ranting about Torrents.

Are you the lazy bum that doesn’t want to go and watch movies and theaters at the same time you despise piracy and all its forms?
Look no further. Lazy bums like you can use uTorrent to download the latest movies, series or whatever it is that fancies you. The downtime of using these torrents is that sometimes downloads is slow as you have to rely on the number of people sharing the file for download or seeders. Chances of landing a good file to download are like landing a good bet on some online casinos.

I’ve been using torrent sites for almost 2 years and so far I admit I end up being unlucky when it comes to downloading torrents, not to mention that my internet connection is crap as hell but if I get the chance to upgrade to a T1 line, then maybe I will start downloading movies via torrents all over again.


Philosophy of a Knife Trailer

Warning: Not for the faint hearted! View at your own risk!

The thought of watching the trailer never crossed my mind, since I could barely stomach the review of this movie. But fate has been cruel and my girlfriend somehow managed to find one in Youtube, saying that it was all brutal and all.

Overwhelmed with curiosity, I also went hunting for the trailer and here it is...

4 mins. seemed forever when I was watching this and I can't imagine myself what would happen to me if I heard the audio. I was already cringing at the sight of the torture...

"God created Heaven for Mankind. Mankind created Hell for Man."


Philosophy of a Knife

Philosophy of a Knife
by: Tim Wambolt

It has finally happened. It took nearly 16 years for it to happen but it has now officially happened. An impressively long cinematic record held by Braindead since 1992 has at last been broken. Andrey Iskanov has created the most violent movie ever made. This is not an opinion, the film is over 4 hours of pure torture, consisting of the sickest and most explicit violence imaginable. So until somebody makes a 5 hour long gore-fest, Philosophy of a Knife shall remain the most violent movie of all time. Perhaps the most disturbing aspect about all of this is that the scenes in this film are reenactments of atrocities that actually happened.

Before the credits even roll the film opens with a prisoner being decapitated in the snow by a member of the Japanese Army, this will be the quickest and most humane death you will witness in the entire film. After this a very stylized title screen appears quickly followed by a scene of graphic dismemberment, as corpses are hacked to pieces with axes and limbs are sawed off and burned in furnaces. With this Andrey Iskanov welcomes you to Camp 731, the facility that was conducted by the philosophy of a knife.

During World War 2 a research laboratory was created by military police of the Imperial Japanese Army for researching epidemic prevention and developing weapons of mass destruction. Within these facilities a unit of chemical and biological warfare research team called Unit 731 committed war crimes and crimes against humanity by conducting torturous and fatal experiments on Soviet and Chinese prisoners with estimations resulting in around 200,000 casualties.

The chief medical officer of the Japanese Army, Lieutenant General Shiro Ishii was the commander of Unit 731 and lead the various weapons testing and warfare experiments being conducted in the laboratories, many of which are depicted in the film Philosophy of a Knife. The first of which involves the vivisection, the experimental surgery of a living pregnant woman without anesthesia. The doctors impregnate her then infect her with diseases and remove her organs and fetus while she is still alive, simply to study the results of these diseases before her decomposition. After this Andrey brings us to the infamous teeth yanking scene that you may have caught part of in the trailer for the film. If not, you should know this, the victim's teeth are not just pulled out, they are painfully twisted and bent and hammered out of her gums one by one, as she screams and bleeds until every last tooth is removed from her mouth.

Throughout the film survivors of the incident such as Anatoly Protosov, a former military translator for the USSR, are interviewed and reveal insider information, such as the incident of authority figures being convinced that Ishii's testing facility was actually a lumber mill, causing Unit 731 to often jokingly refer to their test subjects as "logs". After several scenes of vile experiments are depicted, such as the one involving a kid's face boiling from exposure to x-ray radiation, or the scene where a woman is experimentally raped by a man with syphilis for research before the man is slowly gassed to death, or the scene where the researchers strap a woman to a chair, cut her forearm wide open and then shoot her in the neck, it is then that we see their "joke" being taken one step further as these "logs" are chopped apart with axes and thrown into the fire.

Even watching Men Behind The Sun 1 and 2 back to back probably will not prepare you enough to view Philosophy of a Knife. The film is presented without any restrictions or censorship issues towards it's depictions of excessive violence or graphic nudity and with this Andrey Iskanov enters into territories that neither Tun Fei Mou or Godfrey Ho dared to or were allowed to venture. For example, in one particular scene a woman is stripped naked and tied to a chair while a large cockroach is forced inside of her vagina in graphic detail. After several hours of the cockroach moving around inside of her, the doctors cut and peel off her entire face and the cockroach exits from her mouth. They then put her face back on her head and carry her off to the chopping room. As the experiments continue, a man's face is slowly burned off, a woman's forearm is cut open and sawed in half, and a screaming pregnant woman's unborn fetus is ripped out through her bleeding vagina with pliers, piece by piece, along with parts of her own organs and intestines.

Unit 731 had a great interest in researching the effects of frostbite and gangrene on test subjects exposed to extreme temperatures. In one scene of the movie a boy is stripped naked and left tied to a post outside in the snow for several hours while soldiers pour ice cold water on his feet, hands and genitals. He is then taken inside the laboratory where his affected body parts are sliced open with knives. He is then forced to walk, causing him to collapse and die as his legs and feet split apart. After this his face is sawed open and he is chopped to pieces and in the chamber with the rest of the rotted, dismembered corpses. And all of this is in the first half of the movie, it only gets worse from here.

By the time you insert the second dvd you might at this point, be slightly more prepared for the violent radiation exposure scene to follow, which causes a naked man to graphically shit and vomit blood until he dies. Hopefully you handled that well because the next scene gets pretty rough! It features a woman being hung by her arms and electrocuted with cables shoved in her mouth, as the doctors cut open deep, wide gashes into her biceps and face. After this, they pull out her tongue and cut it in half with a knife. Following this scene is a very long and graphic autopsy. Then another woman experiences a similar treatment but this time her back is cut open until her vertebrae is exposed and the electrical cables are forced into her open wounds. Which leads us now to that compression chamber that made Men Behind the Sun so infamous. This time we get an up-close-and-personal glimpse of a boy being exposed to so much pressure that his limbs cave in and his head bursts apart in an explosion of blood.

Many more deaths follow, 3 boys are hung by their arms and gassed to death, a woman who tries to escape is shot through the chest and head and another woman looking for an easier way out slits her own throat with a katana. The death scenes in this film are given a creepier ambience through the use of haunting industrial music and various film filters giving each death scene a dark, bleak and morbid atmosphere similar to a David Lynch movie or a Nine Inch Nails video. Gorehounds and historians are guaranteed to be both fascinated and disgusted by all the newly discovered evidence, interviews, photos and video footage of the actual atrocities that took place, presented for the first time in this film! Andrey Iskanov was actually investigated by the KGB regarding his research for the film. They searched his property and confiscated his computers, along with all of his evidence and film footage. He was arrested and taken to a Military base for interrogation and locked in a concrete cell without a toilet. He was given very little food and was made to sign consent forms for search and seizure of all of his property.

The incidents at Unit 731 were hidden from the public for so long and even to this day, as you can see from Andrey's imprisonment, extreme measures are still being taken towards covering up the truth. It makes you wonder what else is going on today that we may never know about for years to come when someone else finally decides to risk everything just to make the truth known to us. In a way this makes Philosophy of a Knife one of the most powerful films ever made, it simply can not be ignored any longer. Andrey did his part and more, please do yours by helping to support his efforts and order Philosophy of a Knife now, this film must be seen. Please contact Producer Stephen Biro of Unearthed Films for ordering information.


Movie review: Underworld 3 - Rise of the Lycans

[Spoiler Alert!]

I am a fan of the Underworld series because of its deep storylines, character developments, intricate delving into a fictional history to support the fictional lifestyle for both Lycans and Vampires.

The first movie was better than the second flick, simply because the 2nd flick delved deeper into the conspiracy between Selene and her family’s civic duty to the Vampires, the Corvinus’ family history and the development of the monstrosity that is Michael Corvin.

The third film, like any other series, is the prequel of the Underworld series.
Titled “Underworld 3: Rise of the Lycans”, the movie itself gave justice to not only to the Lycan’s uprising from the slavery of the Vampires but also to the love story of Lucian and Sonja. If you can remember the first film and some hints in-between lines from Kraven and Viktor, then you might immediately recognize where the story is most likely to end: the death of Sonja.
At the end of the movie, Kate Beckinsale makes a camio by showing the first part of the first film wherein Selene hovers over the city, surveying for the inevitable meeting with the Lycans and Michael Corvin. As Selene watches, voices of Kraven is heard in the background, telling how Viktor managed to condemn his only daughter to death and how Selene reminds him of Sonja.

But enough with the synopsis and spoilers:

Underworld 3 is a mixture of both romance and hardcore bloody warfare and action. You might say that it makes for a perfect Bloody Valentine movie date, pardon the pun.
I love the deep and creepy feel of the environment, the dark medieval surroundings and the LOTR-ish [LOTR – Lord of the Rings] castle background. The characters were also unique in their own sense, from the dark cruel Viktor to the rabid and charismatic Lucian. Sonja, played by Rhona MItra, is the seductive battle-maiden of a Vampire Lord and she couldn’t have done a better job of portraying the basis of Selene’s character. For fans like me, you might have said “Hey, Sonja fights just like Selene” when in truth, it’s the other way around.

For the cinematic effects, I give it an 11/10 and that is not a biased rating. I love the transformations of the Lycans. The smooth yet painful transition from man to monster is made possible by the outstanding artists behind the film. For the most part, I admit I am disappointed at the few action scenes since it was all talk but every line uttered is worth it. Prequels are made to clear things up for movie series. Underworld 3 did an amazing job clearing up the air for the first and second film.
Underworld 3: Rise of the Lycans is definitely one to be watched in cinemas and to be added to your video collection.
Till then.


GI Joe Superbowl Commercial

A short trailer of the upcoming GI Joe Rise of the Cobra flick was shown in the recently concluded Superbowl.

The trailer kicks ass... `Nuff said!


Kenneth Branagh to direct the movie Thor?

Months have passed since word spread that Marvel was courting Kenneth Branagh to direct their upcoming big screen re-launch of one of their most favored heroes, Thor. But so far, a peep from Branagh is yet to be heard. MTV News caught up with the actor/filmmaker and asked him about the project.

“I am directing ‘Thor’ or ‘The Mighty Thor’ as you might like to call it,” he said with a smile before clarifying what the title of the upcoming film will be. “I think it will be ‘Thor’.”

Other writers have voiced out about why Branagh would be such a good fit for the hero. But what did Branagh find appealing about this project? “To work on a story about one of the immortals, Gods, extraordinary beings, inter-dimensional creatures,” he said with enthusiasm.

“There’s science fiction and science fact and fantasy all woven into one. It’s based on Norse legends which Marvel sort of raided in a brilliant way,” he continued excitedly.

So who is most likely to play Branagh’s hero? There were rumors about Kevin McKidd being up for the role of Thor, but the director simply waved it off as premature speculation.

“There’s been lots of talk [about casting] --- I sound like a politician --- but we are too early at this stage. We’re getting the story and the visual effects together and all of that is very exciting. Someone sensational is going to play the part but it is still early to tell.”
Just because Branagh hasn’t worked on a project of this scale since “Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein,” fear not. This “Thor” promises to live up to its name as large as the character would seem to call out for. “It’s a chance to tell a big story on a big scale,” said Branagh. “It’s a human story right in the center of a big epic scenario”

Branagh’s been keeping mum for the most part, but do you like what he has to say so far? Is he the best director for “Thor”?


GI JOE: Rise of Cobra

When I first heard of the rumors of an upcoming GI Joe movie sometime late last year, I thought to myself “A GI Joe movie? This should be nice.” It has been a while since I last saw a glimpse of the GI Joe cartoon series or the GI Joe action figures but then this movie comes along and boy I cannot wait to watch it.
I just hope it doesn’t disappoint the loyal viewers of the series. The movie does include a powerhouse cast like Dennis Quaid, Channing Tatum, Marlon Wayans among the other Joe and Cobra soldiers. Under the watchful and creative eye of Director Stephen Sommers, and after viewing his filmography, I have a feeling that this movie might end up as a huge success, to fans and new viewers alike.
The movie is said to be released on August 2009, in line with other upcoming summer flicks.