Bleach: Turn back the Pendulum

Every anime series, whether in Manga or Animated version, has its share of fillers. For those of you who are new to reading manga or watching anime, fillers are episodes or chapters in which the events that take place answer some unanswered questions as the series progresses. For short, fillers fill up the blank spaces (duh!)

Bleach, one of my favorite series, released another filler a couple of months ago entitled “Turn back the Pendulum”, taking place 100 years ago prior to the latest episodes. The Vizards, as shown in previous chapters, were in fact, Shinigami Squad Captains and Lieutenants. Avid bleach followers must have realized at some point that there were in fact questions and dropped issues mentioned in some chapters and back then, we didn’t know what to expect and what they really had in connection with the entire storyline of Bleach. Back then, since the start of the Arrancar Arc, the most solid conclusion to what really happened with Vizards and Arrancars, were only pure speculation.

But now, Turn back the Pendulum focuses on the origins of the Vizards and the reason why Urahara Kisuke was exiled from Soul Society. I have to admit some of the chapters are pretty dull since most of the time it’s all talk but enduring the boredom is necessary if you really want to get a good flow of the entire Bleach storyline so far.

The last remaining chapters of this arc shows the transformation of the new Vizards and unfortunately, the filler ends with a new question: “What happened next?”

So I guess another filler is bound to come up within the next few months or it could be sooner.

To all Bleach fans, stay tuned.