ZAGG introduces Z.buds earphones

ZAGG is a household namewhen it comes to mobile electronics accessories, and their latest release would be the new Z.buds earphones.The Z.buds earphones are special in a sense that they mark the debut of ZAGG’s maiden entry into the headphones market, and before it has even been sold, the Z.buds have already been named a 2009 CES Innovations Design and Engineering Showcase Honoree. Guess we can be sure that the Z.buds will be a thing of beauty to look at, although there are bound to be some detractors who love nothing more than being a wet blanket, failing to see the silver lining behind every dark cloud all the time.

What does ZAGG offer with the sleekly designed Z.buds? For starters, this pair of earphones will integrate passive noise cancellation so that music and user conversations can be heard in greater clarity than ever before. ZAGG has also made sure that the Z.buds’ high-end audio is able to provide a full sound that is comparable to earbuds that cost nearly or twice as much, offering you unprecedented value for money in these economically uncertain times where every single penny counts. The cord is made out of nylon to make it more durable throughout the lifetime of the device, and you can wear it in many different ways, making the Z.buds one of the most versatile product of its kind. You can choose to wear it around the neck for a clean, professional look, or around the back of the neck and over the ear so that it won’t flail all over the place when you’re taking part in sports or some bit of vigorous exercise.

You can choose from black and red colors, and nice to know that the Z.buds earphones also double up as a hands-free headset. In-line volume management and on-cord button are part of the setup, while the microphone is strategically placed to carry out all your hands-free conversations. There is no word on pricing, but each purchase will come with a range of interchangeable foam, silicone and triple-flange tips.


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