Supernatural Season 3

Finally,I got my hands on Supernatural Season 3, with 16 episodes. Yes 16 because of the recent Writer’s strike that took place.

Anyways, this season kicked off with the appearance of the 7 Deadly Sins, new heroines (?) and the plot of the series thickens with each episode. With the Winchester brothers facing dilemmas of their own, Dean having only a year to live and Sam having to deal with the fact that he’s bound to lead the armies of hell and to top it off, there are demons that are ready to fight for him but unfortunately as tasteful as this may seem, no demons come to aid the brothers.

I don’t want to reveal the entire plot of the series though. I just like to comment on a few things. The entire season lacked the action scenes compared to its predecessors and focused more on plot unraveling, hence more conversation and flashbacks. If you really want to watch the 3rd season, it’s best to catch up on a few things by watching the first 2 seasons again.

I had to because there were moments where scenes from season 1 and 2 were insignificant but were in fact a big part of the plot that would be unraveled in the 3rd season. The monsters and ghouls that disappointingly few and there were enemies that came back in the 3rd season. I’m never really a fan when an antagonist gets recycled unless they REALLY play an important part of a movie or TV show but if not, then I guess they just recycle monsters and bad guys just because the writers haven’t come up with anything (wait, I forgot, it was the Writer’s strike when this 3rd season was being made so I can’t blame them).

Anyway, it was worth the wait and I can’t wait to watch the 4th season.