Griping about Heroes Season 2

Heroes Season 2 falls short to 11 episodes due to the massive Writer’s Strike that took place.

Season 2 follows the events after the last episode of Season 1 and the plot thickens as well with new twists and character developments later on in the 2nd season.

Season 2 follows Hiro’s journey through the past, Peter’s quest to regain his lost memory, Sylar’s desire to regain his lost powers, and Claire’s inevitable struggle with the “normal” life.

I have to admit, 11 episodes cut it really short but I am impressed with how they manage to unravel a huge plot or twist with each episode. The writers of Heroes got their work cut out for them but I guess the strike was well worth it, even to the disappointment of fans worldwide.

Season 2, like its predecessor, ends with a very large question mark and I will leave it to you, my readers, to watch the season and find out for yourself. All I am saying is Heroes Season 2 is definitely a must watch for you die-hard Heroes fans.

Heroes Season 3 gripe to follow in the next couple of months.