Bleach: Turn back the Pendulum

Every anime series, whether in Manga or Animated version, has its share of fillers. For those of you who are new to reading manga or watching anime, fillers are episodes or chapters in which the events that take place answer some unanswered questions as the series progresses. For short, fillers fill up the blank spaces (duh!)

Bleach, one of my favorite series, released another filler a couple of months ago entitled “Turn back the Pendulum”, taking place 100 years ago prior to the latest episodes. The Vizards, as shown in previous chapters, were in fact, Shinigami Squad Captains and Lieutenants. Avid bleach followers must have realized at some point that there were in fact questions and dropped issues mentioned in some chapters and back then, we didn’t know what to expect and what they really had in connection with the entire storyline of Bleach. Back then, since the start of the Arrancar Arc, the most solid conclusion to what really happened with Vizards and Arrancars, were only pure speculation.

But now, Turn back the Pendulum focuses on the origins of the Vizards and the reason why Urahara Kisuke was exiled from Soul Society. I have to admit some of the chapters are pretty dull since most of the time it’s all talk but enduring the boredom is necessary if you really want to get a good flow of the entire Bleach storyline so far.

The last remaining chapters of this arc shows the transformation of the new Vizards and unfortunately, the filler ends with a new question: “What happened next?”

So I guess another filler is bound to come up within the next few months or it could be sooner.

To all Bleach fans, stay tuned.


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X-Men Origins: Wolverine

While waiting for the agonizing zombie performance of Keanu Reeves in The Day the Earth Stood Still, this movie trailer managed to catch my attention.

Showing the Marvel Logo, I sighed and told myself “not again”. Here we go again with another failure in its attempt to transform every comic book they made into a silver screen feature. But then, I realized that I was watching something different. At first I thought I was watching the next X-Men movie but then the startling thought came to my mind “Could it possibly be the spin-off that everybody was talking about?”

It took me a minute to familiarize myself with the character and right then and there when it hit me, I jumped out of my seat to focus on the interesting trailer. X-Men Origins: Wolverine. The short almost 2 minute trailer featured Hugh Jackman reprising his role as Logan or Wolverine.

If you guys haven’t read the comics of his origin, then I guess you’re all better off since you’re going to be spared from feeling disappointed. Honestly, can’t directors stick to what really happened in the comic books and spare us the “cinematic” bullshit? Anyways, I don’t want to give judgment or criticize this movie since it’s still going to be released around May 2009 but as an avid comic book fan, I speak on behalf of all the comic geeks by saying we won’t be expecting much from this movie. Maybe if the directors and writers threw in Omega Red, things would’ve been interesting.

All I am saying is, Hugh Jackman does play a convincing role as Logan and I personally couldn’t have thought of a better actor to portray Logan than Hugh Jackman. If you thought I was going to be giving out the plot of the movie, think again. I’m just ranting about what’s going to be an expected failure of a comic book franchise yet again.


Griping about Heroes Season 2

Heroes Season 2 falls short to 11 episodes due to the massive Writer’s Strike that took place.

Season 2 follows the events after the last episode of Season 1 and the plot thickens as well with new twists and character developments later on in the 2nd season.

Season 2 follows Hiro’s journey through the past, Peter’s quest to regain his lost memory, Sylar’s desire to regain his lost powers, and Claire’s inevitable struggle with the “normal” life.

I have to admit, 11 episodes cut it really short but I am impressed with how they manage to unravel a huge plot or twist with each episode. The writers of Heroes got their work cut out for them but I guess the strike was well worth it, even to the disappointment of fans worldwide.

Season 2, like its predecessor, ends with a very large question mark and I will leave it to you, my readers, to watch the season and find out for yourself. All I am saying is Heroes Season 2 is definitely a must watch for you die-hard Heroes fans.

Heroes Season 3 gripe to follow in the next couple of months.


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Supernatural Season 3

Finally,I got my hands on Supernatural Season 3, with 16 episodes. Yes 16 because of the recent Writer’s strike that took place.

Anyways, this season kicked off with the appearance of the 7 Deadly Sins, new heroines (?) and the plot of the series thickens with each episode. With the Winchester brothers facing dilemmas of their own, Dean having only a year to live and Sam having to deal with the fact that he’s bound to lead the armies of hell and to top it off, there are demons that are ready to fight for him but unfortunately as tasteful as this may seem, no demons come to aid the brothers.

I don’t want to reveal the entire plot of the series though. I just like to comment on a few things. The entire season lacked the action scenes compared to its predecessors and focused more on plot unraveling, hence more conversation and flashbacks. If you really want to watch the 3rd season, it’s best to catch up on a few things by watching the first 2 seasons again.

I had to because there were moments where scenes from season 1 and 2 were insignificant but were in fact a big part of the plot that would be unraveled in the 3rd season. The monsters and ghouls that disappointingly few and there were enemies that came back in the 3rd season. I’m never really a fan when an antagonist gets recycled unless they REALLY play an important part of a movie or TV show but if not, then I guess they just recycle monsters and bad guys just because the writers haven’t come up with anything (wait, I forgot, it was the Writer’s strike when this 3rd season was being made so I can’t blame them).

Anyway, it was worth the wait and I can’t wait to watch the 4th season.